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Gus vs The Aliens

(My 2nd game with Game Maker Studio, first was a Space Invaders clone)

Gus is chased by Aliens from planet to planet. He first needs to pull the levers in order to get fuel for his Ship so he can reach the next level. However the Aliens land a UFO and begin to remove the rubble between their ship and yours, should they clear the way before you finish the level, the UFO will open fire and destroy your ship, which is instant game over!

The way to beat the Aliens is to collect sticks of dynamite from each level, once you have 20 sticks, you can place them under and UFO and destroy it once and for all!

Game Features:-

1:Chests containing random good and bad things

2:Level 6 onwards, each level has an extra life hidden somewhere on screen

3: a unique (well I think it is) level time limit system

4: mines.. yes mines!! go blow yourself up

5: Falling rocks and pushable blocks (no, it's not a boulderdash clone...honest)

6:Various funky ways of dying.. ;)

The game is a free download, but if you are feeling generous and want to give me a £1 that would be superb and I would put the money towards buying the new Game Maker Studio 2!

Hope you enjoy the game.


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Awesome game.